OM Coordinators

1.5 Brenda Wile                           480.789.3471    

2.0 Brenda Wile                          480.789.3471

2.5 Wayne Krausnick                 403.483.1465

3.0 Duwane Richardson            816.916.1892

3.5 Jim Haupert                         651.280.7768

4.0 Brenda Wile                         480.789.3471

The Opportunity Match program is an important and integral part of the EVSTL … to be supported by all teams and players. Captains are to utilize this program to help them minimize any player sit-outs … team captains are to follow the Captains’ Procedures

             Attachment A: EVSTL Opportunity Match (OM)

  1. The OM will be open to any player throughout the league who has been scheduled to sit out in a given week. It will be up to each club to see that all the players on a given team get their equal share of league matches during the year.
  2. Players will be sent to and sent from the pool of players as two person teams from the same club or as single players.
  3. Play will always be on the same mornings as the league matches. The matches will always be set up as one club against another club or two single players from different clubs against a third or fourth club. They will be randomly chosen to get the ten cap ratings as close as possible. No team or single player will be allowed to compete against their own club.
  4. There could be, on occasion, a team that will not get to play during a certain week due to the above. A team with the lowest OM participation will always have priority.
  5. Scorekeepers will be required at levels of 3.0 and lower.
  6. Captains of each team participating in the OM on a given week will add their teams wanting to compete, with their names and Tencap ratings, on the work sheet by noon of the second day before the match day. This will be the same for captains needing teams from this pool for their league matches. Each level will have its own work sheet.